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Tarot Cards

Tarot Card readings can be used to help you gain in-depth insight regarding all areas of your past, present, and future life events. Learn what the cards see that holds you back, moves your forward, and makes you—you! Also, gain a greater understanding about friends and family.

Chakra Reading

Our bodies are powerful sources of energy, with 7 primary energy centers—often referred to as your chakras. During your Chakra Reading we will intuitively guide your healing process, and positively amplify your healthy energy. This includes clearing any blockage, helping you releasing energy attachments, restoring depleted energy sources, and helping you achieve a balanced and healthy energetic alignment.

Love Reading

Love is the one thing that really makes life worth living, but matters of the heart can be tricky. During your Love Reading we will help you unlock your potential, open your heart to love, and allow the happiness you want, crave, and need. We will help you resolve past relationship issues, and prepare for healthy future relationships—and if you have yet to meet, we will help you attract your soulmate.

Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings are a popular method of answering specific questions about the past, the present, and the many experiences to come. By increasing your awareness, you can take positive action steps—and approach your life with intention. Enlighten your life, with a Psychic Reading.

Aura Readings

We are energetic beings that have much in common, but are unique in many ways. During your Aura Reading we will assess your individual aura and energy, and perform a full color reading. Aura Readings are versatile, and can be used to do everything from unlocking blocked positive energy, clearing attached energy from friends and family, and gaining actionable insight regarding your past, present, and future. We will also translate your energetic colors, memory pictures, and symbolic images—allowing you to get in touch with your innate nature.


Unsure of what direction your life is heading in? Looking for answers regarding relationships, career, and love? Need help seeing the positive life lessons in the midst of a rough patch? Have you always wanted to explore psychic connections?

At Riverdale Psychic Reader, we are here to help answer your most pressing questions, and provide you with the life-affirming guidance required to uncover your unique life purpose.

We are a spiritual psychic center offering fun, safe, and supportive psychic support. We offer a versatile range of services, designed to meet your current and ongoing spiritual needs. This includes:

  • Full Life Readings—Past, Present, & Future
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Meditation
  • Healing Chakra Balancing
  • Color Therapy
  • Ongoing Spiritual Support
  • And More!

Our psychics are available one-on-one readings, but we also provide our services at Parties and Special Events. Book your solo visit now, schedule us to come to your office—or make sure your next event is a fun experience your guests will be talking about for years to come!

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